Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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Best Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - Doing That Married Life
Best Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - Doing That Married Life
Best Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - Doing That Married Life

So, you still haven’t gotten a Valentine’s Day Gift. No need to stress, we’ve got you covered. We’ve rounded up the best last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts that aren’t flowers and chocolate, and are much more thoughtful and romantic. Treat your sweetie to a date night at home, or snag one of these digital gifts that can be downloaded right away.

DIY Love Coupons

Love coupons are one of our favorite Valentine’s Day Gifts. Whether you prefer something sweet, naughty, or combination of both, a set of DIY love coupons gives you the flexibility to include whatever your lover will like best. Plus, they’re the gift that keeps on giving and the perfect way to re-connect with your partner throughout the year.

You can download a set of pre-made coupons here for $5, or use these as inspiration to make your own.

DIY Love Coupons - Elite Daily
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A Book of Sexy Intimate Questions

Let’s be real, we’re all hoping to get lucky on Valentine’s Day. The stresses of life can get in the way of making intimacy a priority with our partners. And sometimes, wanting to have sex isn’t enough to get us in the mood. Enter this book, 500 Intimate Questions for Couples: The Secret to Sizzling Sex (affiliate link) by Michael Webb.

Michael Webb, one of Oprah’s favorite relationship and intimacy experts, took his 20+ years of experience working with couples and created this book. The questions are laid out in a specific order to build trust and ease you into the sexier more erotic questions.

Save or print the book right from your computer, and then have a steamy Valentine’s Day date at home! Work your way through the questions while enjoying your favorite dessert, or a glass of wine. Not only will each of you get more insight into how to please each other, but the questions have been known to create some sexual tension. That’s a win-win if you ask us!

Grab the book with this special link for only $27. Plus it comes with bonuses like 101 Romantic Ideas, Love Coupons, and a Massage Tutorial.

Watch a Romantic Movie Together

There’s nothing like cuddling up on the couch with your lover and watching a romantic movie together. Whip up your babe’s favorite dessert, watch a movie, and treat your lover to a sensual massage. Sometimes the best Valentine’s Day gifts really are just quality time together.

Not sure what to watch? Check out this list of 22 Valentine’s Day Movies for inspiration.

DIY Date Night Jar

Date nights are so important to us, it’s one of the main ways we stay connected in our marriage. After so many years together it can be difficult to get out of the dinner and a movie night cycle, but this printable kit is the perfect gift to give to your sweetie on Valentine’s Day.

100 Date Night Ideas Digital Download
Image Via StoriestoCraft on Etsy

With 100 date ideas, you’ll have inspiration for a new date every week! Print them out, cut them up and present them in a cute jar or box. Whenever you’re ready for your next date night, randomly pick one from the batch and make new memories with your babe. Get the printable here, for only $5.

Make Them Dinner

If your sweetie is usually the one making dinner every night, surprise them in the kitchen by whipping up one of these romantic recipes.

Dinner at home doesn’t have to be boring. Get dressed up, put on some music, and set the table with your fanciest china. Pretend that you’ve rented out an entire restaurant just for the two of you. Bonus: ask each other questions from the book of sexy questions, (affiliate link) but make each other wait until after dinner for dessert. The anticipation will have you both going crazy.

Make them A Music Playlist

The mixtape is one of the most classic and romantic gifts you can give bae. But gone are the days of physical tapes and CDs. Instead, head on over to Spotify and create a playlist of all “your” songs, and the ones that make you think of them. Of all the last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts, this is definitely our favorite.

Once you’re ready to give it to them, share it with them through Spotify and they’ll be able to access it anytime!

Make a Time Capsule of Your Relationship

Create a collection of photos, cards, ticket stubs, and any other memories you have from your relationship. After you share it with them, bury it in the backyard (or in the back of the closet) and add a calendar reminder 5 years from now to go back and dig it up!

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift - Write Them a Love Letter

Write Them a Love Letter

Share all the reasons you love them in a handwritten letter. If you’re not a wordsmith, write out the lyrics to “your song” and frame it. Press a few dried flowers or baby’s breath in the frame for a little something extra.

Any other last-minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas? Tell us in the comments!

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