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Created by Mike Coster and Jessica Totillo, the Doing That Married Life podcast was created with newlyweds in mind.

Most of the other marriage blog and podcasts we found were geared toward people who had been married for 20 plus years, couples who had children, were centered around religion, or all of the above!

But what about the newlyweds?

The first few years of marriage can be some of the hardest, especially if you get married later in life. When you marry someone, your entire world changes. You have so many adjustments to make from your living situation to how you manage your money, and all of a sudden there is this other person you have to consider when you’re making decisions.

We’ve heard so many stories about difficult adjusting to married life can be. Lucky for us, we made it through the first few years without any major drama. And the people around us always told us how easy we made it look.

Truth be told, it wasn’t easy. But we worked hard on our relationship and were really intentional with how we communicated and made decisions at the beginning of our marriage.

Years of failed relationships and maturity had taught us a lot about how to compromise – and it served us well during those first two years. Looking back – we realized we had something of value to share with the world and Doing That Married Life was born.

What Should You Expect

Our podcast will be mainly focused on newlyweds, but anyone in a romantic relationship will benefit from what we share. Even those you are still looking.

We take our personal experiences and advice from relationship experts to bring you practical and relatable advice, and tips & tricks to navigate your marriage and romantic relationships.

We’ll be launching the Doing That Married Life podcast mid-2019. Stay tuned!

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