Hey There,

We’re Mike & Jessica Coster, the married couple behind Doing that Married Life.

We met in our mid-thirties, after many failed relationships and one last attempt at dating on eHarmony.com. That’s a full story in of itself, which we’ll probably do a post about, but the short story is we matched on the day I joined, and 2 months later we were official. By month 4 we pretty much knew that this was it, and fast forward to our one year “official” anniversary and we were engaged.

Once we got married so many of our priorities changed, and we were focused a lot more on the future. Suddenly budgeting was a thing, as was saving for a home, balancing family obligations and work schedules, all while staying connected and making sure we had enough quality time together.

We started this blog to share everything we’ve learned so far, and what we continue to learn. We knew there were so many facets to marriage, and so many things you have to navigate through we couldn’t just narrow it down to one topic… so we decided we’d share them all.

Sure there’s budgeting, and buying a home, but what happens when one of you wants to change your eating habits and the other doesn’t? It takes compromise to work out even the simplest things when you’re married, things we never even thought would be an issue.

We figured if we were going through these same adjustments, other young married couples were too… and it always feels better when you know you’re not the only one, right? So here we are, sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Mike & Jessica Coster - Doing That Married Life Blog

More About Jessica

A shoe addict with a serious case of wanderlust. By day she slings dildos on the internet through digital marketing (yes, you read that right) and by night she writes this blog, learns as much as she can about almost everything, and is currently working on sticking to a workout and food plan.

More About Mike

A trained musician and language teacher who started a Real Estate Photography business with a high-school buddy. He loves to geek out over flight simulator, photography and video gear, (pretty much why he was even on board to┬ástart this blog) and loves the Dodgers & the Kings. He’s been known to watch a baseball and hockey game at the same time.